03 June 2021


A synth punk freak out just as (un)comfortable in 1978 as in 2020, Tape Hiss was born in a closet in 2011 and it has matured nicely in the shadows. From the space-synth chopped/screwed SPITS reincarnation "What's Andy Warhol Doing In My Dick?" to pure Wheelchair Full Of Old Men fodder like "I Am The First Hardcore Band In Columbia, Missouri" or the deliciously melancholic "(Thusly) Raw," there's clearly something about creations unhindered by divergent opinions or those perky observations on fidelity....or even what is (or isn't) a "good" idea. Blast "Fake Coffee Drinker" when you're on your exercise bike today.


There's more where this came from...Tape Hiss just came first. 

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