17 June 2021



Brilliantly calculated noise presented in two movements. 2008's Removal Ceremony rolls over you in excruciatingly measured waves before pulling you into its murk, very much an involuntary immersion via submergence. The patience required for proper listening can only be matched by the patience required for creation...experience the complete dissolve just after the eight minute mark of the second movement, and feel Oppermann (POST-MORTERM JUNKIE, ARAM CHAOS, others) and Greh (HIVE MIND, PUBLIC EXECUTION, others) conjure the piece back to life. Intensity is increased not by volume or chaos, but by careful deliberation, as the duo spend one-half hour dragging the sound into different (figurative) rooms, sonic experimentation in a controlled environment. I want this recording to unleash, but it's brilliant specifically because it never does. 

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