18 June 2021


A powerful batch of '80s UK punk on this early Mental Tapes compilation. The DEVOID tracks are straight up gold, and worth way more than the effort it will take you to download this comp...fortunately you get even more. OBSCENE FEMALES and INSTIGATORS are known entities, but you'll have to dig a fair bit deeper to find most of the others. POISON JUSTICE had a tape on the S.A.S. folks' label (a tape that I want to find, by the way), P@X were new to me and have a nice dark THE MOB vibe. VICTIMS OF RIDICULE are primitive and inept, while searching for XOSET U.K. and ANARCHIST ANGELS only led me to scores more early comp tapes that I now need to hear (fuck) and KERES is a complete mystery, but their sole track "Inquisition" is a raw two-riff UK punk (by way of STOOGES) stomp with a fucking filthy lead around the 1:30 mark. All this collection does is make me want to know more, make me want to hear more. So just keep listening while I keep searching. 

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