25 June 2021


One could argue that the second (third?) wave of fastcore revival that came in the late 2000s was initially centered around East Coast labels like To Lie A Lie and Give Praise. Conveniently, Skate Attack! vol.1 was co-released by both labels...and conveniently today is 6/25 - the date most often associated with the label most often associated with the first (second?) revival that really kicked off around the turn of the century. There's a connection in there somewhere, I promise. Thirty minutes of trash here, from ANS, XFADESX, COMMON ENEMY, MEDIA CIRCUS, BAIL OUT! and others - while The Cool Kids of North America were concerned with full stacks and Swedish leads, these are the die hards who were circle pitting, flipping up their caps and aping HALF OFF. Thankfully, here at Terminal Escape, we (heartily) endorse flipped up caps, full stacks, circle pits and Swedish leads with equal fervor. 

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