12 June 2021


Chicago's KRANG were more a sum of their parts on the first demo. The high/low vocals are straight Minneapolis crust, the tinny MetalZone guitar totally shouldn't work (but oooohhhhh it certainly does) and the drums hit this "almost-DBeat but also too fast for stench" sweet spot. Throw in solos like one near the end of "Oubliette" and the utterly relentless speed chug of "Heading For Internal Dankness," then pump the volume accordingly. KRANG dropped a slew of vinyl slabs before calling it quits in 2016, but if you don't have the The Bog Of Eternal Stenchcore EP at your disposal, I recommend Onward, Desolation... for your evening fist banging session.


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AGU said...

I think I used the word fuck more in my review of their first album than in any other record review I wrote, much to their amusement. I would like to have this demo as well.