11 June 2021


A gloriously schmaltzy set of '70s instrumentals with guitar leads. Closer to melancholy Montenegro soundtracks than the cheese of Guitar Moods-style series that fill thrift store bins....but it's close. Hawaiian Herb Ohta shares space with Belgian Francis Goya and Japanese/French ripper Claude Ciari (whose cover of "Summer Night" is the soundtrack to the worst burlesque routine you've never wanted to see). For some reason, this bootleg from Singapore has seven fewer tracks than the Indonesian bootleg by the same name, but includes a random edit of a Lonnie Smith track that didn't make the original. None of this information is important, of course, but Sonny James' "Maria Elena" kinda sounds like a 1980s Willie Nelson cut or a weird instrumental rendition of Patsy Cline's "She's Got You." 

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