14 May 2018


Sonically, this one doesn't fall too far from yesterday's post; the distortion is all on point, the mix of fast and not quite as fast keeps you guessing, and both bands manage to make hardcore sound fukkn real and important. So I guess Budapest Area hardcore still rules too. Highly recommended, if only for the disgusting intro on the BEROSSZULÁS side. Seriously - even if you you think you don't like punk you should download this turd just to listen to the first 63 seconds of their side (at which point it "only" turns into the sickest neanderthal stomp you'll hear all month)...because not only is it the ugliest thing ever, but I can (almost) assure you that you'll stick around for the rest of the tape. Att nine minutes of it. What are you scared of...? Exactly. You're welcome. 

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