08 May 2018


I spent this afternoon reviewing and revisiting the legacy of a Midwestern DIY hardcore band that recently released a record in honor of two full decades of existence. It's a great record, and the legacy is noteworthy (to say the least), and it made me think of Chicago's CANADIAN RIFLE, who recently kissed that same milestone with a casual confidence. They predate the gruff approach to melodic hardcore from the FUCKED UP angle be several years, they were too late and too fast for JAWBREAKER comparisons, and somehow their catchy punk songs don't seem even remotely connected to the sounds of their contemporaries (then or now). "If I Get Too Loud, Turn Me Down" is undeniably infectious, and it kinda sets the stage for the rest of this early '00s four song cassette....a stage upon which yet another under-appreciated punk band will play hard and sweat their hearts out receive nothing even close to the recognition and/or accolades that their efforts warrant. And still they will keep playing, and that's why punk rules.  

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