29 May 2018


Another Oakland band? Why not? SYNDICATE make brooding dark-ish punk sound more important than it should, thanks in no small part to Lena's drumming. I saw their first show in 2014, around the time this demo was recorded (I think?), and it was her first show playing drums...nerves and determination clashing throughout the set made a collection of already solid tracks damn near indispensable. Truth be told I've only seen them a few times since, and the band definitely settled into their sound...but there's something about a punk band trying to do a thing that they aren't quite able to do, you know? But beyond that, the songs here are instantly catchy and what kind of weirdo doesn't like a handful of good punk songs? Exactly. See you tomorrow. 

What's that? You said you live in or near Orange County and you have tapes that you don't want anymore? Don't fret, I can help. Observatory tonight with RATS IN THE WALL, FINAL CONFLICT and SUBHUMANS. Will trade guest list spots for old demos. 

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