06 May 2018


Listen to the intro to the opening track "Underpants," and if you're like Karoline and me you'll find yourself anticipating the vocals - knowing that the voice is either going to send this one to the stars or shove it into the garbage. Those opening bars could be from an early '90s-era NEUROSIS worship band like PAY NEUTER, but they could also be from a second rate but as-yet-undiscovered Midwestern SXE hardcore band...and they could also be the token heavy riffs from an otherwise forgettable frat rock band. But it's this kind of mystery that keeps these tapes interesting, right? For context, this demo is from 1992 or so, and LIQUID COURAGE had a split flexi with TYRANNICIDE (whose underrated thrash LP has been essential $1 bin fodder for years, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future) which means they were likely from the same outer San Francisco suburbs that gave us VIO-LENCE and FORBIDDEN and SADUS. I mean....you must be a little curious....right?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember TYRANNICIDE from my youth, awesome band... never heard of this one though... amazing, thanks!