10 May 2018


Distance Unknown is one of the rare releases that came into my home on repeat and has stayed in regular rotation ever since. Typically even the really good ones kick you in the ass right out of gate and then fade away...because there's another really good one right around the corner. It's not like when we were kids, when you sought out The New Thing and it stayed the new thing for days or weeks or months and you drilled it into your head because it was new and exciting (and you probably only had like 25 records to listen to anyway). But now...? Everything is quite literally at your fingertips, so music needs to be special to have that kind of staying power. The resurgence of synths and pseudo electronic experimentalists has resulted in countless artists who have learned to toy with sound without remembering how to focus their scope, much less construct a song. Some, however, are looking intently at paths forged by the pioneers...and they are paying attention. Enter BROTMAN & SHORT, a dark/minimal wave duo who created one of those aforementioned rare releases six years ago - and I still listen on the regular. 

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