21 May 2018


A slice of essential blurr that some helpful thrasher put together some 30 years ago, these two demos back-to-back are a superb taste of what life as a DIY hessian was like in the late '80s. Portland's SPAZZTIC BLURR are easily dismissed as a joke band, but fuuuuukkkkk they were fast (I presume that they still are). The humor of STIKKY and YOUR MOTHER...but way faster and played with the proficiency of actual thrashers (the band started in the shadow of WEHRMACHT).  But perhaps tongue in cheek isn't your thing....maybe you don't seek high energy Flintstones theme songs? If you need your reprobate thrash delivered with windmills and guttural early-Araya yeowls, then look no further than this primal dose from REGURGITATION. As with many tapes I come across that are relics from the trading days, this one may not contain the Bathrooms Rule or Organic Backwash demos in their entirety...but it contains seven absolutely steaming doses of breakneck death thrash. When I think of hungry, pimply faced 15 year olds getting shit like this in the mail it still blows my damn mind. 


Anonymous said...

Oi! Spazz Regurgitation link is the same as the video of Wehrmacht. Thanks!!!!

Stéphane Bonnin said...


Often more than pleased by your demos.
Thank you.
But today he link of Spazztic Blurr demo is leading to Wehrmacht on Youtube.

I'm still fond of your blog.
Keep makin' noise !

the wizard said...

Shit Happens....I have now cleaned up my shit and you may thrash. Link corrected. But seriously, that WEHRMACHT footage is worth watching twice so I'm not sorry.

mat 13 said...

the spazztic blurr lp on earache is one of my faves.... to this day.

regurgitation is good times too!


mat 13 said...

oh... this isn't Regurgitation (NJ), mate....
it's some other band (i don't know who)
i need to find out who is it now.....
there's even a sepultra cover in it (troops of doom)