04 May 2018


It's been almost five years since I shared the first demo from this Hungarian freak show....and they are way gnarlier now. This ten song deposit is the aural equivalent of being punched in the face repeatedly by a plastic bag full of poop - a bag that just will not break. Filthy downtuned guitars that should be bashing out third rate stoner riffs are instead delivering off the rails mutant hardcore, and it makes everything sound even weirder. The vocals struggle to keep up, and I picture a singer who spends more time losing his mind on stage than actually singing. It's "Inkább Otthon" where things really click - that awkward repetitive riff playing host to samples of live hardcore banter for nearly two minutes....and you realize that NORMS are actual geniuses. True freak hardcore in the finest sense of the term - like INFEST and ACRYLICS together, but as teenagers. "Menedék" is the choice banger, and has the slammingest intro that the cool kids and the hyped bands try so hard to write. Maybe that's the point...the cool kids try so hard. Maybe you just gotta BE. Maybe you just gotta be NORMS. 

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Blacktooth said...

Hahaha... I see what you mean... I love that Jesus-Lizard-style dirge over all the hardcore tough-guy talk. Just drowning it all out... Amazing. And the rest of this just smokes, man. Turn on, tune in, fuck off.....

As per usual, thanks for the post!