23 May 2018


You know how sometimes things that start out as "projects" end up being way more popular than the responsible "artists" intended, or could have predicted? I recall the time I was in Aquarius (RIP) talking to Andee shortly after the release of the first WHN? single (ok - this is just weird, who does this?) and he casually commented that WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? would have more of a lasting impact than any of our previous or (then) current projects. And a year after that when I was buying the WEAKLING record, I told Andee that I thought it would likely be the most sought after record that tUMULt would release. I mean...that BLACK BUG record is sick and very weird, but you get my point - and neither of us were wrong. Why am I telling you this? Because PERFUME-V is apparently a side project; an outlet for someone more recognizable (for now) for other things....but this thing is going to be the thing. PERFUME-V is also perfectly executed melancholic alt/pop of the highest and most endearing order. I'll mention TEENAGE FANCLUB and SUPERCHUNK in an effort to not just compare them to JAWBREAKER, even though this collection really does present as a perfect combination of that brand of '90s melodic punk and late '80s alt/indie college radio stuffs. And then there are the vocals...they are never right. I can't even imagine being this close for this long (27 minutes in this case, give or take) and never nailing it, but he never does. And that's why Bless Bless Bless Bless is so good. Because it's real. 

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