09 May 2018


If the masses had heard this in 2003......? I don't even want to think about how huge this band would have been. ALICE drop ten minutes of unbelievably epic metallic sludge on this three song banger (vinyl version also available if you feel like hunting) that brings to mind UNSANE, DAMAD, (early) BARONESS. The painfully restrained tempo creates a constant tension, guitars battle with mesmerizing fretboard gymnastics that would kill a lesser band...and then they open it up with "Memberangus di Kaki Langit" and the power is so totally real. My first exposure to ALICE  was this 2014 cassette, even though they have been active for nearly a decade now. Yet another reminder that the more you seek and the more you learn....the more there is that you don't know anything about. 

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