22 May 2018


Sometimes a new thing sounds instantly familiar....not because it's derivative or because you've heard it before, but because it's all of the things that you've heard before presented as you've always wanted to hear them. This 200 second car crash is a gloriously chaotic mess (and the last 42 seconds are just noise) - infectious hardcore stomps bludgeoned by noise and distortion until nothing is left but the feeling...and it feels real fukkd up, y'all. "Stigmata" on repeat all damn day, until you finally get it. 

And in case you are still curious, there's another six minutes of madness available for consumption here (though the madness is slightly less tortured the second time around, which works for and against them at the same time). I remember sometime around 1995 I felt like I wanted to move to Toronto...maybe I fukkd up. 

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