05 May 2018


It's easy to look at your surroundings and wonder where all the good things are, to wonder why your world has been forsaken while everyone else gets to have all of the fun. And sometimes, in the middle of feeling sorry for yourself, there is a tap on the shoulder reminding you to open your eyes and pay attention to the things closest to you. So fukk those dismissive conversations about how there are no hardcore bands in San Francisco and let these old dudes serve you a sub six minute platter of blast. Members of CONQUEST FOR DEATH (see "things closest to you" comment) and VENKMAN among many others, THESE BASTARDS drop visceral hardcore full of charisma, and a solo in "Burn The Fucker Down" that is a perfect example of why nerds are better at punk than "punks." Not coincidentally, I will be seeing THESE BASTARDS for the first time this afternoon in Oakland...and I am not bummed.

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