07 May 2018


Hell yeah - who's gonna make DBeat sound unique after damn near 40 years of people trying to perfect a style born out of ineptitude? The motherfukkn FRENCH PUNKS, that's who. Skip the wall of noise, forget about the hyper distorted guitars...throw in a treble heavy rumbling bass and guitars that would feel more at home on a CATHOLIC BOYS single and then make sure the drums are as fierce anything this side of a leather jacket with an ANTI-CIMEX logo and add the fierce, throaty vocals the genre demands no matter the level of nuance in the presentation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to suggest that DIKTAT are doing something totally new or anything - they play hardcore punk, after all - but this thing is not just good; it's interesting. And in 2018, that's worth some serious consideration. 

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