27 May 2018


I am well aware that my advancing age and increasing adult-like behavior sometimes means that I miss out on things. It's ok, I have experienced a lot of things, perhaps even more than my fair share, so I consider this a slightly less adventurous chapter and I'm comfortable with that. So I miss shows from time to time (like last weekend when I really would have enjoyed that SCREAMING FIST show out by the ocean but I had "stuff to do"), and often new bands kinda pop up and become established bands before I knew they were new. But seriously.....DEIMOS CULT is a thing that is NOT supposed to happen in my city (it's definitely not "my" city, but it's the city in which i [barely] reside) without so much as a blip on my radar. Holy SHIT this demo is a freak rock burner and I cannot get enough. The way DEIMOS CULT combine tortured noise rock and electronic affectations with a clear penchant for relentless (and fast) hardcore is just deadly. An absolutely demented aural exorcism that I offer to you with highest recommendations. 

Phoenix tonight at Rebel Lounge....bring me your tapes. I would prefer the old ones, but I'm not picky. Clearly....have you seen my blog?

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