01 May 2018


Hard drinking Portland (Maine) Oi! from the turn of the century. It's hard to tell how tongue in cheek these freaks were, but the Oi!s are everywhere, the chorus to the first track is "you think you're tough // we think you're drunk" and there's a track called "Sister Flame Thrower" that sounds like it was lifted from a CLUTCH demo. If the internet is destined to become the $1 Bin of the New Age, it's artifacts like this one that will keep people digging in the Real World for the physical goods, because  LUNCH MONEY THUGS may never reach a reverential status in the Digital Realm, but somewhere in rural New England 18 years ago, there were 75 punks escaping their reality for a night...and LUNCH MONEY THUGS were the soundtrack for their escape. That is important. 

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boogerman said...

Hey man whatchu drinking?