03 May 2018


This one comes courtesy of a concerned FOTE, hoping to ensure yet another artifact is not lost. Previously unknown to me, Germany's INTRICATE shine through a rough live recording on this 1992 cassette release that is full of power. This pre-dates the German Metalcore explosion by a few years, but the trajectory seems relatively clear, and INTRICATE serve as a potential bridge leading to the JANE, SYSTRAL, MÖRSER and the like. Maximum intensity Pain/Word-era NEUROSIS tries to find a niche amongst primal speed metal riffs and relentless European crust - most of the material here is live and it is amazing...but when the studio track drops in it's like a fukkn steamroller. Cheers to Will for the loaner...I'll have it back in your hands soon. 

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Anonymous said...

Their two later album compared to this are fucking boring. Theres's way is the same band