24 May 2018


I'm leaving for a few weeks. The Escape will continue feeding you daily, but I will be away. Hopefully I will listen to these sounds more than once while driving, the phases of the moon following me in the mirror and over my shoulder. And this minimal and primitive dose of synthesized sound will manage carry me across long stretches and bring me back to grounded after evenings filled with chaos. Then, staring at the underbelly of a waning reality, I will return....and I'll probably post some lo-fi grindcore or some shit. Y'all like grindcore, right?

Also: one of the people from A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW is responsible for this Moonphases. That doesn't really mean anything to me, but maybe it does to you? Regardless, I legitimately think it sounds pretty cool and I will actually listen to it on tour when none of the punks in the van are paying attention...because you know how that over 50 crowd crushes social media, and I have a reputation to keep up. Vegas Saturday....then beyond. 

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