01 January 2018


I've previously mentioned my life as a teenage radio personality, but here is audio evidence of that short lived venture. I started Music From The Underground with my pal Jon in 1987 when we were both 15, and for the first year and a half or so we would record the show into cassette during the week so the weekend DJ could just pop it in and fukk off for an hour. We were clueless, the segues were bad, the levels were way off, and many of the songs came from cassettes that I shoplifted from Hasting's (before I worked there, shit got way easier then) and dubbed on my dual cassette cassette boombox before returning them to Hasting's for store credit to buy more tapes. Thing got smoother in 1989 when I was hired onto KLOR as the aforementioned weekend DJ...the quality (and content) of the show improved, it ran from 10-12 Saturday nights, and everything was broadcast live, allowing for real time interaction with the denizens of Ponca City, Oklahoma who were spending their weekends cruising Grand Avenue. Of course, there are no recordings of those later episodes, so I offer you this to start your year. It's funny to listen back now, almost 30 years later and feel simultaneously proud and embarrassed, but this show was a hugely important part of my teenage life, and helped to keep my head above water when it seemed that there was literally no hope for an existence outside of that shitty town full of shitty people. Fortunately, however....there was. 

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HarderThanYou said...

Hahaha that's hilarious. I used to go to that exact Hastings...shame they shut it down. I still live just north across the state line in Winfield.