25 January 2018


Karoline was amazing long before she was in my life....long before she was in my life. Someone else thought so also, and he made her this tape in 1995ish. It's a pretty good, if slightly dated, collection of tracks - and while I feel like Beau kinda phoned it in in a few spots (the MADONNA tracks are pure pander, let's be real here, and who wants a double shot of ANTI HEROS?), but it's a solid mix of '90s hardcore, rap and "other."  Grouping tracks by genre is a good move, keeps things focused and allows SKYNYRD and TYPE O NEGATIVE and YOUNG BLACK TEENAGERS to share the same space in a manner that doesn't feel weird at all. So here's an excellent cassette for you to listen to (digitally), and please wish my wife a happy birthday while you do...she never reads this blog so she will never know that I sent you.

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