21 January 2018


There is no logical reason for this to be in my life, and likely not yours either. There is also no logical reason for me to like this....but I do, and I trust that (some of) you will also. When enjoyed at an appropriate volume, I feel like an old man in the corner at a packed club in a strange town where I have no friends, and the 20 year olds are going wild and rubbing on each other with an MDMA fueled fury. It's sweaty and weird, but it sounds good and there are probably light effects so I stick around....because fukk it I'm already there, right? Their virtual presence states that New Orleans' OBLLIVIA are a: "mystic noise diva narrating the fall of mankind in a pitch shifted key" and honestly that sounds about right. It's a serious trip to listen to, but it feels even stranger to enjoy. Perceptions and aural observations welcomed. 

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