30 January 2018


There was a stretch in the mid '00s when I listened to THE BAYONETTES almost every day (this thought encouraged me to listen to THE BAYONETTES today, in fact). I also listened to DANGER LOVES a fair bit during that same period. I didn't know who SHIVVERS were when Paco scored the "Please Stand By" 45 at Flipville, but I fell in love with them shortly thereafter. And two of my desert island 45s are by BUREAUCRATS and WHITE HEAT. Helsinki's PLASTIC TONES are a little more laid back than most of the aforementioned acts, but in a really fukkn cool "summer night cruising really slow" way that almost makes them even cooler. It's just brilliant power pop, and it's really damn good. There's a recent LP that will be on my turntable soon....which is good, since i'm about to wear this tape out. 

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Kf said...

Been really digging this the last couple weeks especially "boring party". Third song is only two seconds though .