23 January 2018


These kids shook the fukkn house down at last year's Manic Relapse (and I'm sure the same was true everywhere else they played on that visit). Sweaty, dirty, high energy punk rock 'n roll, full of swagger and attitude...there were so loose and wild on stage that it was hard for me to imagine a recorded document even coming close. 2015's La Mentira does more than just hold a candle though...it burns everything down. No barn burners, things here are more calculated and direct - they get it done with a deliberate (dark) force that inject Blinko into Thunders-esque LAMF punk that Oi! bandwagon jumpers will still think is somehow their own. I realize that's a lot of shit in one bucket, but now maybe you understand why I was so floored last year seeing LUPUS in the flesh?

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