11 January 2018


I don't do this often (I mean the more than one at a time thing), but there's this outfit from Pennsylvania that I like a lot called NAH. I have a bunch of NAH tapes, and I would like to share several of them with you today....

Ethereal beats. Repetitive and hypnotic. Really really good, and dying for extra treatments. 

A year before DIE BAD//TAPE FUCK, but End feels more developed somehow. Take "Dark Shit" as an example, it's a full constructed song made up of simple sounds and lasting just 71 seconds. It's also brilliant. 

Venturing further into electronic hip hop, 2014's Woe features appearances by GIVV, Tzil and PRINCE ASSHOLE, and is possibly the most shamelessly danceable and the most out there NAH release. 

The shortest one....just two tracks, but imagine a soundtrack to the weirdest art film that has never existed. 

More rap influences, and heavy North African rhythms. This one is probably my favorite to date...but to date, NAH has never let me down. 

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