16 January 2018


I had never heard of Querétaro until earlier this year, which is kinda fukkd since it's not really that far (in broadly speaking geographical terms) from my house. Based on that introduction and this cassette, I have the impression that the Mexican estado en cuestión is a place that I need to visit. Art museums, audio and aural experimentation...and ruthless, off the rails '90s Mexican hardcore - I can't really think of too many more things I need. I mean, there's food and water and stuff, but "Sembrando Rencor" mostly makes me forget about that nonsense. There are only three tracks on this 1998 demo, and they are the Sound of Desperation. While I will trade that sound for proficiency and/or riffs any day, with H BOMB it's not a concession I need to make. The simplest discoveries are sometimes the best ones, friends. 

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