07 January 2018


The more you dig and the more you learn, the more you will realize how little you actually know. This one was easy to skip over...weird bedroom digital logo with a high school notebook drawing of a rat crawling out of the world, initially hard to tell who the band is or where they're from. But after passing it over amidst gems on the "I need to listen to these" shelves, I popped ABERGAZ in a few weeks ago. With more than a dozen releases (so far) in their decade and counting long existence, it's no surprise that these Croatians have their approach dialed in and on point. Perhaps a touch too slick for some Escape visitors, I find these tracks ultra addictive. Fast and tight, the approach hits me like RATOS DE PORÃO clashing with catchy Eastern European punk...there's a slight enjoyment curve to be sure, but it's worth whatever it takes to get over and/or around whatever might be in your way. Now....I'm going to spend my Sunday listening to all of the tapes with bad covers that I keep putting off until another day, and then I'm going to listen to more ABERGAZ. There's lot of content in both categories, so these tasks will thankfully spill into tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that...because there's always more to learn. 

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