06 January 2018


Aaaaahhhhh, the things I missed out on when I lived in Milwaukee during most of the '00s. Don't get me wrong, I definitely experienced plenty of things also, things that I would have missed if I had live here....but listen to this 2007 bomb from San Jose's THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE. Ruthless posi-grind/violence? Yeah. Sold. I think the S.O.D. "Sgt. D" vibe in "P.O.W. M.IA. S.O.L." might be my choice cut here (it could also just be the initials), but the blurcore Dankstahz riffing of "Life In Pictures" is pretty fukkn addictive. Seven track in 6:46, including samples....and there are a lot of samples. They just don't make 'em like this anymore, and I fukkn missed it. Anyone got a copy of The First Demo for Your Wizard?

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boogerman said...

I got demo one if you want it