12 January 2018


Eight bands I had never heard or heard of before I pushed play, all hailing from Orange County., New York. DRI styled hardcore from ANGUISHED SOCIETY are the standouts, but DOVER BOYS start the tape with a seriously infectious kick. FUNCTIONAL IDIOTS should have started in 1984 (they would have been faster and weirder, which would have been better), AS ONE sound like a raw '80s 'crew outfit in a really positive way, and A.W.O.L. sound like a melodic blur (also in a positive way, and their bass player rips). Epic crossover from POOR EXCUSE and stripped bar punk from AFFIRMATIVE ACTION round out the collection, and you don't need to thank me for the tape warps...I only deliver the goods in the shape in which they were given to me. Happy digging. 


Doom Daddy said...

This comp has direct connections to M.O.D. and Devoid of Faith.

Anonymous said...

Fuk you charles elephant ears