31 December 2017


Another excursion into dark and atmospheric noise from '90s Illinois project FRAGMENTED, a solo project featuring Christopher J. Falvey. Epic sonic transmutations that defy description and remain firmly rooted in a world free from suggestion and repression. Seven movements spanning more than 80 minutes, Falvey's approach is measured, subdued, and focused. Prolific in the latter half of the '90s, FRAGMENTED left us with two cassette releases and a handful of DIY CDs. It's not enough, but I will take it. 

The visual presentation of these tapes is as gorgeous as the sounds they surround. Again, simplicity rules and these may have been little more than Kinko's creations, but when combined with the music the result is superb, and it's as easy to get lost in the images as in the sound. 

"...and on that day the sun will not rise. You will go to the forest and see a figure between four dark trees. All time will stop. You will know then what the signs mean..."

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Dr. Yobb said...

Happy New Year! I never really comment on blogs, but just wanted to say, Terminal Escape has been my everyday visit this last year and I look forward to many more of your posts/insight/great music and reviews in the new year! They keep me intrigued and rockin out everyday. Keep up the great work! Peace! - Doc. Yobbster