17 January 2018


Research indicates that BAYLIE'S BAND is a long running Massachusetts indie and/or noise rock outfit. "Long running" as in you can say they remind you of DINOSAUR JR. and that's cool because they might have played shows with them (the first time around) and the NIRVANA comparisons relevant in a contemporary and not a derivative sense. See....this is the shit that the kids are trying to do now, but SCREAMING TREES were just aping LUCIFER'S FRIEND and FOGHAT anyway, so why not go to the source....right? Before I digress to a level of nonsense that is utterly (as opposed to approximately) incomprehensible, let it be known that I really like this 1996 demo, and let it be known that BAYLIE'S BAND are still active and, I hope, revered. 


K said...

This so rad. Thanks for sharing!

Eric baylies said...

Thanks we are still playing ( playing tonight in boston w mark of negativland at dorchester art project, boston www.bayliesband.bandcamp.com ( I also playin minibeast w peter prescott of mission of burma)