08 January 2018


This used to be Mondays at TEHQ. We were nearing the end of the aughts, ramshackle raw DBeat was king, and every Monday there was a different tasty shell to be found at this virtual address. Times change, people move on, scenes evolve....but it's always a good idea to keep an eye (and ear) to the past. The past teaches lessons, and the past serves as a reminder - sometimes to emulate and sometimes to avoid. In the case of Brasil's FINAL SLUM WAR, however, the past is the present. And the past fucking rips hard. Six minutes of blistering raw DISCLOSE worship (to be fair, BESTHÖVEN worship is probably more accurate) spread out over five tracks. Recorded in 2013 and released last year, this one makes me want to dust off my KRÜEL demos. 

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