29 January 2018


It's really just classic rock, right? But for us instead of our parents? If you think about it, we vilified and/or rolled our eyes at the bands slogging away at the townie bar playing LED ZEP or FOGHAT inspired blues based rock to 15 casually interested patrons on a Tuesday, because obviously that was a sound and a scene that was without merit and/or totally lame. Well, that was 25 years ago (for me), and I can definitely recall spending relatively recent weeknights at townie bars with 15 other casually interested patrons, enjoying the shit out of bands playing music that owed liberally to other bands that ceased to exist a lifetime ago. And those nights were great, and those nights are still great, and I hope that those nights will continue to be great long after I am willing and/or able to participate....because punk rules. Punk rules just like that post high school burnout working the fryer at Garfield's back in Ponca City thought CREAM ruled back in '87 when I got my first job there and I thought he was a lame burnout because he wasn't hip to THE CURE like I was. 

DETOX could be from Los Angeles, Seattle or Tallahassee (they are from St. Louis). DETOX could be from 2017 or from 1986 (likely not 1982, just because it doesn't sound quite that legit and they thank D4 so they are probably from the '90s). DETOX could be DIY champions or rock club frat punks. The members of DETOX could have been teenagers who grew up and went on to form other bands that you might actually care about, or they could be just one of the thousands of North American bands that decided (wisely) to play punk rock music and record it for us to listen to before quietly disappearing because weeknight life at the townie bar can get pretty old after a while. Either way, I am glad that they did, because punk rules....and the track "Ripoff" is legit in every way and reminds me of NAKED HIPPY. Fortunately, the other three songs rip just as much. 


Anonymous said...

I really like how you don't post comments that call you on your shit.

the wizard said...

'twas nothing personal I assure you. I typically publish and/or delete comments in batches, that's all. And since there are rarely THAT many to sort through, I don't do it very often.