28 January 2018


Yeah, this has been happening for well over a decade now. While they haven't slowed down, Idaho's fastest export were clearly on a mission dating from the first demo in 2005. What kind of mission? Sixteen tracks in seven and one half minutes. That kind of mission. A constant blur of fastcore riffs and relentless blast beats, the kind of magic your average 45 year old ripper doesn't come across too often these days...look, I know the shit still rips and I know there are new rippers ripping the shit all the time, I'm just saying they new rippers don't enter my Rip-O-Vision all that often these days. I like to rip. And I like disjointed start/stop riffs with drums so fast it makes you head hurt. That's what this thing is. From a fast music fan perspective, HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH are motherfukkn fast. Closing the demo with covers (INFEST, DRI, GBN, NO COMMENT) was a nice touch as well. Highest recommendation. 

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