05 March 2010


This 8 band, 29 song mix tape features some of the best that New Zealand had to offer, and whoever put this bad boy together did a stellar job.  There's really no sense in giving a rundown of how this thing plays out, because everything on this tape is fukkn amazing.  From the Oi tinged scorchers from NO TAG and FEATURES (both of whom were on the equally killer New Zealand Mix I posted back in September) to FLESH D-VICE's UK82 styled punk jams and angular distortion free BUZZCOCKS tinged shits from TOY LOVE.  THE HENCHMEN do an excellent job of conjuring up RADIO BIRDMAN and while TERRORWAYS only contribute one track, "Never Been To Borstal" is an absolute gem.  Two UK worship burners from PROUD SCUM and dreary sinister post punk from UNRESTFUL MOVEMENTS round out the roster and make this one of the best 90 minute mixes I've ever had fall into my hands.  Side 1 is pretty much all raging ("Mistaken Identity" by NO TAG might quickly edge it's way into my favorite songs ever list - it's that good), and side 2 slows it down a bit (but THE HENCHMEN's 7+ minute "We've Come To Play" is a perfect way to start off a flip side). How does the saying go? "All Killer, No Filler!"

And here's the scant info that was included inside the tape...obviously the internet can fill in a few more holes if you're so inclined.  The internet is pretty good at filling in holes.



kiwi core ive been looking for more from this band

Anonymous said...

Hi, it is GREAT to see the tape my ex and I put together. THANKYOU