30 March 2010


Great moody anarcho punk from KARMA SUTRA. There are only four songs on this 198? demo, and I will happily take this kind of quality over quantity any day.  A pretty rough demo recording (which they included an apology for), but superb political punk rock from another band that I know little about.


Henk said...

great one! much rougher than the other stuff i have by them.


matt said...

their LP is SO great, been trying to get my hands on a copy for a while now. very cool to hear the demo.

The Old Punk said...

If anyone's interested, I've put up an MP3 rip of their LP on my webzine -


If you want it ripped again as a FLAC file, drop me a line via the 'zine.

Fantastic blog by the way, I found it via the MRR article. Thanks for all the hard work.

Clint B said...

Agonizing sick vokills and creeping warped magnetic tape mimic the downfall of the British Empire and the iron ceiling of British class oppression

Shithead said...

Link's dead. Please re-upload it.

the wizard said...