06 March 2010


TEN TENNANTS might might fall between the cracks somewhere in the abyss of late 80s music of dubious quality, but floating in the seas of schlock like NED'S ATOMIC DUSTBIN and JESUS JONES (both of whom I enthusiastically endorsed at the time), there were JESUS AND MARY CHAIN and POP WILL EAT ITSELF (both of whom I still enthusiastically enjoy today) and other bands who have withstood the winds of time.  Now, I am not contending that TEN TENNANTS should be held in the same light as PWEI...but this bedroom project from 1993 would have gotten healthy play on the Dance Floors Of My Adolescence, though I don't like the backing vox on "Fucking Hell" at all. This tape works best with the bass frequency placed on "maximum."

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