22 March 2010


I've been stuck on this 30 minute jam for a few weeks now, so it seemed appropriate to share.  Drones, loops, drums, samples all join forces to create a truly analog experience that comes to us from North Carolina. Side A is busier, with swells that culminate in a truly disconcerting atmospheric assault of island drumming (think ARTHUR LYMAN on LSD), while the B side concentrates more on the ambiance, taking found sounds that seem suited to the Appalachian homeland and severely tweaking them until they are totally foreign . Liberal backwards tapes turn into an instrument of their own as the tape comes to an end, and it feels like the whole piece has just collapsed at your feet. It's possible that this was created by a couple of fiends who just happened to get lucky, but whether calculated or accidental, these sounds are superb. Enjoy...

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