23 March 2010


Do CIVILISED SOCIETY need even more introduction?  Here's a rough early demo that shows the band well before the Scrap Metal record or even the Who Would Have Thought... demo (both of which are, of course, excellent). Songs like "Crime" and the crude UK82 stomper "Home Is Where The Stench Is" highlight Bev's vocals that have always been my favorite part of the band - I understand that having three singers was cool and unique, but when one is clearly stronger than the other two then it seems logical to cut some dead weight...think of all the extra room in the van! There are 7 studio tracks, followed by 9 minutes of live shits that suffer from pretty poor recording quality; "Everyone's A Loser," "MP's Song" another version of "Animals Have Rights" and one more (?) are included. Great fucking band, but that goes without saying.


Henk said...

looks like same songs as on the 'you must be joking' tape, but less of them. that one have 16 tracks.

better sound on this one though.

there are also a 5 track demo from '85 and a two track demo from '86 to be found on i guess some googling and the word 'unreleased'


matt said...

always enjoyed the scrap metal lp. cool to hear this. definately more primitive!

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