01 March 2010


I fully endorse the band's suggestion: "PLAY AT MAXIMUM VOLUME!" New York's PERDITION have the noise punk thing fukkn nailed and this tape is a progression in ferocity that leaves even their past releases in the dust.  They have moved beyond simply making their punk loud and raw, and now everything sounds like a freight train, but it is still raw and noisy as fukk.  I've seen reviewers pass them off as CONFUSE worship, but them folks are just listening to the guitars...I hear traditional Scandinavian crust shredded through a noise filter.  PERDITION kill it live, and the tapes just keep getting batter.


Anonymous said...

one of the best modern punk bands.


Cool! Tracks 1-6 will be available on 7" record in April from Distort Reality. Tracks 7-9 are demo versions of songs that will appear on a split record later this year. Please feel free to make available any PERDITION recordings. Cheers and thanks!

Blacktooth said...

I live in Brooklyn and have the supreme honor or being able to catch these guys live every 6 months or so. They play more often than that, but who can keep up with so many different shows blasting your face off!?!

All that other bullshit aside, these young fellows (I'm in my 30's, they are definitely younger than me) walk the walk, and talk the talk. A band that, in person, lives up to the crust it lays down on tape. I've yet to see them headline a set (they should), but as an opening band, you NEVER stand there thinking "how soon will they get off the stage?" It's always, "holy shit, I hope the band I came to see didn't just slink out the back door in fear of Perdition."

For real. Stay up, and thanks for all the great posts.

Miravoice said...

Deleted File (((

Chaotic Punx said...

Hey Man .fix the link to download
Up The Punx !
Cheers From Brazil !

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