18 March 2010


Yet another post from the stable of LA bands on the Silenzio Statico tape label. KRUEL are a killer raw DBeat assault, and while this rehearsal recording is great, San Francisco folks who saw them last Sunday at the outdoor show know that the live show is crucial. No frills and no filler, just kick ass DISCLOSE worshipping hardcore punk (the last track is a DISCLOSE cover, as if there were any doubts). I'm looking forward to seeing them again with CROW in a couple of months, now you should look forward to getting those fists flying into the air.


kalina said...


Clint B said...

Ahhh, that cardboard snare sound, that charged hair (?), the flutter of studded jackets in a sweaty circle pit in East LA... I wanna see the band live and MOSH!

Abraham said...

Hey bro
Could you please reupload it?

the wizard said...