09 March 2010


I figure OI POLLOI kinda goes in the "needs no introduction" category, but I completely skipped over this band for years.  Perhaps I saw one too many idiot wearing their shirts, or maybe I was simply too concerned with the bands playing live in my area to bother checking out some old codgers from Scotland. But OI POLLOI are fukkn bad ass, and this is their first "proper" recording (the first demo is a way rougher home job, but still killer) from 1984.  If anyone else has not bothered getting into them, then might I suggest that this is the perfect place to start - any demo that begins with "Punx 'n' Skinz" is probably going to be a winner. And in case you aren't sold, how many bands have anti nuclear power songs and pro-skinhead songs on the same release? Not many.


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evilbuttmunkeh said...

even though i'm from scotland i've still never seen them live, i miss them everytime they play for one reason or another.
nice upload cheers.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Yes! All you punks and skins are in for a treat with this street tough cassette tape!! OI POLLOI busts down the door with guns blazing!! Check out every lyric on this album!!!!!!!

love, fake Bruce Rohers..

p.s. i love this band always