25 March 2010


I suppose i could try to convey the sounds contained on this tape, but for music that has been passed around and analyzed so many times, that just seems a little redundant. If you had this as a teenager, then here it is again, and if this somehow slipped by you, then do yourself a favor.  In the words of Pushead, printed in MRR 26 years ago:

Tremendous explosions of maniac proportions that blisters as it smiles in triumph. Titanic nitro charges of frizzling speed and determined spunk packed by well-written lyrics snorted out in a raging fury. This entire effort reminds me of the Neos. It is irresistible and crude, as it devastates with hammering force. A band that should not go unnoticed by compilers around the globe.

I saw FUNERAL ORATION in the late 1990s (Chicago I think?) when they came to the US.  Having heard these songs so many times, I was beside myself with excitement. They were terrible...oh well.


matt said...

i love this band! actually mostly the LP "communion" is the one i feel is the strongest, but the two demos are scorchers! AND i'm NOT ashamed to admit to liking bits and pieces of their late 90s material on hopeless records! rad shit


do you have there demo where they sounded like the uk mob

Clint B said...

Finally got around to hearing this.

For years, my only knowledge of Funeral Oration was one song on 90's (epitaph?) comp. I had no idea that they were from the 80's and had way better material. This has demo, and quite a long one at that, has the raw youthfulness which i find appealing, with hints of the melody that was to become more prominent.

Cess Pool said...

i also have zero shame for liking the Hopeless records, as well as the early stuff. one of my favorite bands.