07 March 2010


Today's Oklahoma post comes from the same batch of tapes that I pulled last week's RANDYS record off of (cheers again for the loaner, Blake!!).  FENSICS were also from Oklahoma City, and released their lone EP in 1979. The A-side ("Full Time Job") was comped on Killed By Death #999 some years ago, but personally I prefer the flip "Tornado Warning" and the fake accent and Johnny Rotten style trills from the singer and the killer high end guitars that start the track. The tail end of "Full Time Job," where the contemptuous kid is in the argument with his mom about getting a real job, starts to get real fuzzy, like perhaps the record that this tape was made from had been partied one too many times. Or perhaps there was just a lot of dust in the room...Oklahoma does have quite a history with dust, after all. Point is, it ain't a perfect copy, but fukkn tapes ain't perfect, and that's why I love 'em.

The record came with no picture sleeve, so you don't get anything pretty to look at here today. However, my wife takes excellent pictures, and they often very pretty to look at. Here is one of them:


Morgan said...

yet again, another winner. thanks for posting this stuff! I've got these songs on a far over-played tape that, come to think of it, Blake probably made me years ago. Glad to hear them on here.

mike said...

Heres a couple of notes about this band.They played a show with The Dead Boys at CBGB,not many Okie bands can claim that!Some members went on to form The Fortune Tellers and The Reverb Brothers who were both popular blues bands in OKC for the past 25 years.

Justin said...

I own a record store in OKC, and I bought a copy of this record from Chris Stearman, the lead singer of the Randys. It did come with a picture sleeve, here is a link to our old ebay auction on popsike:

mike said...

Metal Mike here with bad news from Oklahoma City......heres a post from Basile's facebook page,I'm fucking crushed by this news. The prognosis on Basile is not what any of us want to hear. he has been feeling tired and weak for several months but still very active until around Christmas, he found out it was HepC we can all deal with that. but after further visits to the ER and lots of testing basile and Heather found out he has liver cancer. Heather and the family have been staying strong as can possible. Today we heard the worst news possible, Basile's team of Dr's gave him a month to live. stay strong and say your farewells.
Miho will be in town this weekend we all need to stay close. lots of love

mike said...

On a lighter note,here is a massive flyer archive of punk shows that took place in Oklahoma long before my time or the Wizard's!!! http://okundergroundflyerarchive.tumblr.com/