20 March 2010


From the cutting guitar that kicks off "Teenage Suicide," you know that this is going to be a scorcher...and you are right. Boston's RELATIONSHIPS twist 80s US punk into the same knotted mess that bands like REGULATIONS and GORILLA ANGREB were famous for, but then add just enough of their own take to set them apart. Maybe someone listened to a little bit of Lookout punk in the 90s, it could be the insistent edge to the vocals, or perhaps one of the folks in this band claims BAYONETTES as their all time fave, but whatever it is that they have - it fucking works. The lyrics come in the form of a classroom note, complete with the lined notebook paper (if only it were Big Chief), all sealed with a heart in the stylish envelope you see below...total class and quality here.  The weather is supposed to be really nice tomorrow, and this one sounds like spring.

1 comment:

Clint B said...

Super snotty old school sounding punk. Even the clean guitar sounds like a coke razor slashing through mucous. Sounds like teenage attitude, with teenage topics, but the playing sounds too competent to be anyone actually under 18?