26 March 2010


It's no secret that the late 80s were not exactly the heyday for hardcore, whether in Europe or the US (Japan is a different story entirely), but this French (I believe) compilation tape is packed with unknown gems that had me paying attention from the first CORPORATE GRAVE track all the way through to the final CEMTARIUM song and the line "in the basement // playing with my gun."  Granted, STINKY FINGERS are every bit as awful as their name might suggest (a bit worse, actually), but the good far outweighs the bad, and metallic punk shits from FANATICAL VIEWS, SOURIRE KABYLE and JESUS WENT TO JERUSALEM are good, while the 3 songs from FILLED WITH ANGER take my fucking breath away, it's worth the whole tape for these songs alone. Friday is for comps and mix tapes...and for going to see CONDENADA in Oakland tonight and also for going to see BOG PEOPLE and VIVID SEKT afterwards.  I'm going to be busy, good thing I've got a killer mix to power me through the evening!


Anonymous said...

Well quite cool to see one of my compilations here and glad to hear that you enjoyed bands on it.
Thanks for giving the opportinty to the bands featuring on that tape to be listened to and discovered by new people.Its and was the main purpose of a compilation.

Clint B said...

Some cool shit in here. I don't get exposed to a lot of French punk, seems like most of it doesn't mae it outside of France. The KBD comp was pretty awesome, but like this one has some goofy stuff mixed in. Seems like the French are listening to more USA (and in this case LA) punk than any of their much closer euro neighbors. And What's up with that ridic funk/rap stuff? HA!