21 March 2010


People have been going nutso over this Canadian band, and with good reason.  Inspired by 80s Italian hardcore, ILEGAL blast through nine songs with searing guitars and an urgency rarely rivaled in modern days. Canadian and Finnish personnel, and they sing in Spanish. Grab their new EP on Lengua Armada before it's gone.

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Clint B said...

Hey Robert! Remember when I said I was gonna review a bunch of the demos on a long plane flight that I had? Well I forgot my ipod and didn't do that. But I reviewed some the demos a bit later on. And now just A BIT later on, I'm going to out them in your comments. TODAY!

Ilegal-If I didn’t know the story behind the nationality(s) of the band (and it's members) I would have just assumed it was another latino hardcore band from LA. Whoever the Finnish/Candian (?) singer is, they sure have the language and the style nailed down. Fun.